Bush Medijina Skin Care

Bush Medijina Skin Care

"Bush Medijina, it did not start yesterday, or last year, or even the year before that. It has always been here. Always. Our recipes have been here for generations" - Gayangwa Lalara

“Bush Medijina began in a small shed, fuelled by a big dream: to grow our business, to support Warningakalina women, to share our culture with others, and to preserve our traditions and knowledge for future generations.

Using recipes passed down to us by their mothers, aunties and grandmothers, to hand-make our products. They harvest local bush produce and combine it with natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers across Australia.”

Bush Medijina’s award winning product range includes lip balms, skin balms, clay soaps, hair oil and body butter. 

Handmade in Groote Eylandt, NT, Australia