Indian music Instrument on Stand

Indian music Instrument on Stand

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Lezim (लेझिम) or lazium is a folk dance form, from the state of Maharashtra in India.

Lezim dancers carry a small musical instrument with jingling cymbals called the Lezim or lezium, after which the dance form is named. There are minimum 20 dancers in lezim. This dance is named after a wooden idiophone to which thin metal discs are fitted which produce a jingling sound and the dancers use this while classical dancing. Dholki, a drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. It is performed dressed in colourful costumes. The dance is frequently used as a fitness drill by schools in Maharashtra, militias and other institutions because it involves many calisthenic moves and can be quite strenuous.

A traditional music Indian instrument hails from Maharashtra, state on West India. 

This is displayed on a metal stand. This rustic look decor is a perfect conversation starter & it beautifully complement every style of home decor. 


Dimensions: H 47cm x 35cm