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Approximately 20 serves per 50 grams.

Chai Walli - English Breakfast: 60gm - $14

After tasting many different English Breakfast teas we found this rare and organic full leaf Assam tea sourced directly from Assam. It is composed of unblended finely twisted leaves with golden tips making it smooth and full bodied. This English Breakfast is the highest quality single origin black tea grown in Assam.

According to our leaf to cup policy, we source this tea directly from a family in Assam who have been growing organic tea for over 50 years. It's a rare and delicious black tea that hits the spot!

Approximately 20 serves per 60 grams.

Hand blended in Australia

Surf side Candle - 100% Soywax  

Handmade Activated Charcoal + Goat's Milk - Karan Desai Home - 95gm - $5.00

Handmade Soap with Activated Charcoal + Goats Milk, very gentle on skin & scent is very soothing.  

Handmade in India