River & Land II Coolamon by Tim Yule

River & Land II Coolamon by Tim Yule

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Spotted gum Coolamon (Bagal) handmade by Eli Cook from Yidabal Galii Maa - Bundjalung Country & then hand painted by Wiradjuri Artist Timothy Yule

Spotted Gum Bagal - Home decor & Aboriginal Artefact

Bark bowls traditional Bundjalung name is Bagal. These are carrying vessels used to transport food, infants and water in some instances. 

These Bagals are made from spotted gum bark sourced from the forests of Tabbimoble in northern NSW.

Brothers Kris & Eli Cook of Yidabal Galii Maa from Bundjalung Country, NSW embracing & sharing their culture through handmade artefacts & art.

Origin: Sourced & hand crafted by Bundjalung People.
Handpainted by : Wiradjuri Artist Timothy Yule 

** Please note these are natural wood & handcrafted so every piece is unique & different with its textures, shape & size. Also note due to the difference between monitors or screens, pictures may not represent the exact colour tones**